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Trying on My Wings & Tutu

Tinkerbell Bria


Lily Barkus Bat Girl in Tutu

Bat Girl with Tutu


Bat Boy Zeus

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Halloween Eve

Rosie and Sadie off to investigate that fire in the sky!

Terri's Girls Rosie And Sadie on Their Way!  Toot!  Toot!

New Orleans Halloween Eve Sunset

Halloween Eve Fire Sky in New Orleans

Gulf Coast Dobermann Rescue

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Raven Kitty

Raven Kitty

M e o w

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Oil and Vinegar

These two boys don’t like each other.

Bouchard and Luigi - Not the best of friends

That Italian dawg smells… like trouble.

Bouchard - I really don't like that black dog.

It’s better to smell like trouble than snails, Frenchmann!

My tongue gets all shriveled up thinking about that red dawg.

It’s better to be cute and fuzzy
and not to smell at all.

Cute and Fuzzy Dudley

Like me!  Dudley!

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Bath Time!

Just before some crisp Halloween-type weather
arrived at Fort Doberdale,
the Aussies got a spa day.

Please remember to vote for Dudley today.

Dudley is thinking about how many votes he'll get.

Thank you!

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Devil Trio

Three little Devils.

Terri's Little Devilette Girls

Take a peek at Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue!

Vote for me!  Cute and Handsome Dudley!Please vote for me.
Thank you.

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Bunny vs The Bandana

“OK, stay right there while I take your picture.”
Stay still for the picture

“Isn’t there a law against this?”

Not likely.

“If you don’t sit still then who is going to know
what you’re dressing up as in the picture?”

“Easy!  I’ll just be my beautiful self.
So take this bib off me.”

Beautiful Bunny

“It’s not a bib.  It’s a bandana,
and you look lovely with it on.”

“I look even lovlier with it off.”
Hmmm…she’s not listening.
A demonstration seems to be in order.

“What bandana?”

Slinky Bunny

Moral of the story…
You can’t outsmart an Australian Shepherd.

Pssst….remember me?  How cute I am?
Please cast a vote for me today as “Dudley, the Cutest“!
Please vote for me today.  I'm Dudley and I'm the cutest!

Thank you.

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Hey Addie!
What is a vampire’s favorite mode of transportation?

Sydnee JR Addie Corgi Kristi Summers' Dogs
Well, Sydnee, that would be a blood vessel, of course!

Psssssssst…remember to vote for me today. for me, Dudley!

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Before The Butterfly

Ollie Looking
Did you see him?

Dudley "Ears look like this!"

Yeah!  His ears look like this!

We're keeping an eye on it, Jude and Dudley

We’re watching him closely.
He appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial.

Terri's Taco As A Catepillar

“The only extra I am is extra cute.*
I am Taco the Caterpillar!
Now gimme treats!”

Click here to visit friends of Taco’s.

*(Please note that while Taco is cute, he cannot be as cute as Dudley,
who is a contender in the Cutest Dog Competition.
remember to vote daily for Dudley as The Cutest Dog.)Dudley (We are running out of time.  Just three little weeks left,
so please help us with a daily vote.)

Thank you!

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The Dilated Aussie

Dilated Dudley

I may have to wear these glasses to protect my dilated eyes, but…

Dilated Dudley

I am so cool.

Hey…vote for me daily.  Takes just a minute and…
You’re not only voting for cute, you’re voting for a kewl rescue dog.

Thanks and Happy Halloweening!

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Regis, Handsome Old Devil

Regis Old Devil

Something’s growing atop my handsome red head,
and it ain’t hair.

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Good Witch Ginger

Ginger Good WitchOrange is one of my favorite colors,
right after Dobie red.

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Luigi with Halloween Cuz Ball


A flash above in the evening sky caught the sentry’s eye.


He tilted his head.  “What a strange noise.”
Something streaked across his backyard garden then flashed upward.

Luigi's Halloween Sky

He watched a puff of smoke vanish into the blood red clouds of Halloween eve.

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Bunny in Halloween Costume

Bunny Boo

I wonder what spell I should cast this Halloween.


Perhaps I’ll cast a spell on the old wooden broom
and take it for a ride over the city.


Nah, I still have splinters in my rump from last year’s ride.

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Ollie in Halloween Costume

Warlock Ollie

Hey, a pumpkin!  Maybe she’ll make a pumpkin pie.  Yum!

Warlock Ollie

Or one of those stupid Jack O’Lanterns.

Warlock Ollie

She always uses my dog bowl to dump the pumpkin guts.

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