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Thanks for your votes!

Thanks for your votes!
We appreciate all your clicks for Dudley.

Dudley And Annie

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Aloha Dudley

Aloha from Aloha Dudley!

Aloha from Halloween Dudley

It’s hard to look like a tough guy when you’re
wearing a tutu around your neck.

Gangsta Halloween Dudley

What?  I’m not gonna win the cutest dog contest?
How about those 300 votes?
Can we get those 300 votes by midnight?

Halloween Dudley Pleading

Dear God, I’m so cute!
I know I should have won, but howzabout
pushing that vote button another 50 times for
me soz I can get 300?  Huh?  Please?

Halloween Dudley Praying

Pretty Please?

Pretty Please Halloween Dudley

Please click to vote for Dudley.
Today’s the last day.
Thank you!

Vote For Dudley! Love yas BabyVote for Dudley!
Love yas!
The DoberDiva

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Bath Time!

Just before some crisp Halloween-type weather
arrived at Fort Doberdale,
the Aussies got a spa day.

Please remember to vote for Dudley today.

Dudley is thinking about how many votes he'll get.

Thank you!

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My tail is my best friend!

Lilian and her Tail

Someone took my tail,
so if you vote for me, Little Dudley, maybe I can get a new one!

Dudley No Tail

It’s like my mom always says,
“Every dog should have a tail.”
Thank you!

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Dancing Dudley Needs Votes

Please help with a click a day.

Please ask your friends and family to click for Dudley, too.


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Before The Butterfly

Ollie Looking
Did you see him?

Dudley "Ears look like this!"

Yeah!  His ears look like this!

We're keeping an eye on it, Jude and Dudley

We’re watching him closely.
He appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial.

Terri's Taco As A Catepillar

“The only extra I am is extra cute.*
I am Taco the Caterpillar!
Now gimme treats!”

Click here to visit friends of Taco’s.

*(Please note that while Taco is cute, he cannot be as cute as Dudley,
who is a contender in the Cutest Dog Competition.
remember to vote daily for Dudley as The Cutest Dog.)Dudley (We are running out of time.  Just three little weeks left,
so please help us with a daily vote.)

Thank you!

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Ginger & The Cutest Dog Competition

Mighty GingerThis is Ginger.  Mighty Ginger.  One day several years ago, I was at work, and a lovely hard working woman whose focus was to point rescue people in the direction of dogs at Miami Dade Animal Shelter to save dogs on or near death row sent out a mass email.  Ginger was due to be pts – put to sleep – in a couple hours.  This was because she had stitches in her hind end.

I read that and something grasped me by the heart.  As a rescue person, there is always someone somewhere with a story that can take you away, and somehow, Ginger was calling me.  I went down there, and let me tell you it was a stressful drive.  I had arrived to save her within minutes.  I walked into “the room” where Ginger was in a bottom cell waiting for euthanasia...

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The Dilated Aussie

Dilated Dudley

I may have to wear these glasses to protect my dilated eyes, but…

Dilated Dudley

I am so cool.

Hey…vote for me daily.  Takes just a minute and…
You’re not only voting for cute, you’re voting for a kewl rescue dog.

Thanks and Happy Halloweening!

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Vote For Not So Scary Dudley

Please vote daily at
Thank you.

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