Halloween Dogs Photo Contest 2011

Wow!  The time sure flew by.



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Thank you to all who entered.

The judges will now be getting to work with tallying the scores for their favorites.  The winner will be posted on October 31.
Meanwhile, contestant photos will still be posted up until the day before the winner’s announced.  So keep watching the site!


Enter the Halloween Dogs photo contest for a chance to win enrollment in Susan Garrett’s Puppy Peaks.  The winner will get to watch lessons Susan’s Border Collie puppy Swagger learns from puppyhood to a year old.  And this year-long* course is not just for puppies.  If you have an adult dog, you will learn techniques to apply to your adult-dog training from each of these lessons, too.  Unless you win it here, you will pay $399 to enroll in Puppy Peaks.

Here is a taste of what you get.

Check out the blog entry from which this video originates on SusanGarrettDogAgility.com.

PLUS there will be four chances to win a handmade collar.  Every ten days we will have a random drawing in which we will include everyone who has submitted a Halloween photo entry up to that point.  Dates for the drawings are Sunday Sept 22,  October 2, 12, and 23.  Drawing cut-off times are at 11:59 pm USA Eastern time the day before each drawing.  The earlier you submit your photo to the contest, the better chance you have of winning in the drawing. The last date a photo can be submitted to the contest is at 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 22, USA Eastern time.  Note that once a person wins a prize, s/he is not eligible for future drawings.  The four drawings and the photo contest are separate.  If you win a drawing, you are still entered in the photo contest.  Sorry, but only entries from the US and Canada are eligible for drawing prizes.

Thanks go out to Lisa of Collar Mania and Rebecca of Ella’s Lead  for contributing their beautiful handmade collars to our four drawings.

How do you enter the photo contest?  Take a great digital Halloween photo of your dog.  The photo should be dog centric.  Photos with humans and/or other pets will be disqualified.  This is a contest for a dog owner to win, so dogs only.  No other pets.  You can have more than one dog in the picture.  One entry per person, and once an entry has been submitted it cannot be changed.  Note:  The bigger the photo, the better.  Photos can be downsized when posted.

Entries will be received through USA Eastern time from 12:01 a.m. Saturday, September 10 to 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 22, 2011.  Email entries to halloweendogsblog@gmail.com.  Depending on number of entries, multiple photos may be included in each daily blog post.   For judging, each photo will be judged on its own merit, and not with respect to the post its been blogged into.  Photos will be scored by the judges following these guidelines:

1. How Technically Correct is the Photo? (30 points)
Are the following the best they can be? Focus, Sharpness, detail, depth of field, color, brightness, contrast, saturation, usage of light.

2. Composition (30 points)
Does the photograph tell a story?
Where is our eye lead to in the photograph?
Is the photograph balanced, if not, is it creating the visual impact it should?

3. Subject Matter / Content (40 points)
How well does it fit into the Halloween theme and spirit?
How appealing is it to you?

TOTAL = (100)

Judges will email their top three photo choices and corresponding scores.  Once received, photos will be given a cumulative score and the photo with the highest score will receive the grand prize.  The winner will be announced on the website on Halloween, October 31, 2011.

In the case of a tie, those photos will be re-judged for a tie-breaker.




Name:   Marni Bellavia

Intro:  Marni’s passion for photography is driven by her passion for animals and being able to capture a moment that will last a lifetime.   She states, “Every picture tells a story and through my lens I am able to capture the unconditional love, joy, playfulness and bond between the pet and their owner.”

As the owner of HumaneK9 Dog Training, her primary goal is to help owners understand how to communicate with their dogs and build positive relationships with their pets.

Breeds of dogs owned:  Marni has been the guardian of one Shih Tzu, three Shetland Sheepdogs, one American Stafforshire Terrier, and one mixed breed dog.

Favorite dog activities:  Marni’s dogs have all been Animal Assisted Therapy dogs and their favorite activity has been bringing joy and companionship to those who need it.  Marni and her dogs also enjoy Rally and Obedience.

Website: HumaneK9, Inc. All Breed Positive Dog Training, www.humanek9.com and Marni Bellavia Photography, www.marnibellavia.com


Name:   Kim Butler

Intro:  Kim is a professional pet photographer based in Sarasota, FL and self proclaimed dog nerd. 🙂

Breeds of dogs owned:  Two Dalmatians named Peyton and Derby, and a spotty mix named Indy

Favorite dog activities:  Kim says she does agility, dock-diving, swimming, training…anything DOG.

Website:  Simply Spotted Photography, www.simplyspottedphoto.com – Pet Photography Unleashed!


Name:  Holly Haynes-Clark

Intro:  Holly has been an art director for 13 plus years, designing advertising, packaging, logos, and websites. Along with her design experience, she has also worked with many photographers directing photo shoots.  Holly lives in Marietta, GA with her husband, Doberman and three cats. Holly and her dog Lucas, currently compete in dog agility and dock diving. Just recently, Doberman Digest printed an article about her experience with a Doberman that dock dives. In her spare time, she runs a on-line t-shirt store called Much About The Mutt.

Breeds of dogs owned:  Doberman

Favorite dog activities:  Holly enjoys doing dog agility, dock diving, and nose work with Lucas.

Websites:  Much About The Mutt, www.MuchAboutTheMutt.com; Holly Haynes, Art Director/Graphic Artist, www.HollyHaynes.com; Holly’s Blog, www.muchaboutthemutt.blogspot.com


Name:  Harold Doan

Intro:  In 1982 Harold got his first Rottweiler and having had small dogs for years, had no experience in obedience training. He and his wife, Rose, started attending an obedience class and were fascinated.  Harold put a CD on his Rottweiler; while his wife was drawn to a more competitive breed, the Sheltland Sheepdog, and in 1992, earned her first of three OTCH’s.  All of the Doan dogs have earned titles in obedience and Rally.

Both Harold and Rose attended training classes for many years and became involved with a local obedience club. They competed with their Rotties and Shelties all around Florida, stewarded at trials, and conducted fun matches for local clubs.  Harold also taught household obedience and ran drill classes.

In 2000, Harold became an AKC judge just eight years after his wife went into judging.  He is approved to judge all obedience and rally classes, and agrees it has been a most rewarding experience, siting that the dogs who compete are just wonderful.

We might also add that Harold is a professional photographer!

Breeds of dogs owned:  Rotties and Shelties

Favorite dog activities:  Harold likes to do training, lounging, and therapy work with his Rotties.


Name:  Christine Geschwill

Intro:  Christine is the owner of Purely Positive Dog Training & BlueGrace Photography and most importantly, she says, primary caretaker to HRH Princess Grace.

Breeds of dogs owned:  German Shepherd, German Short-Haired Pointer, Beagle, Mixed Breed “Princess Breed”

Favorite dog activities:  While Christine and Princess Grace participate in many, many activities, including Rally, Obedience and Dog Scouts, Agility is by far their favorite.

Websites:  Purely Positive Dog Training, www.purelypositivedogtraining.net and BlueGrace Photography, www.bluegracephotography.com


Name:  Barbara Mah

Intro:  Besides having a career as an agility instructor, Barbara is training her new Corgi puppy, does vegetable gardening, is a foodie and wine taster, loves to travel and reads when she finds the time after agility.  In college, Barbara was a Fine Arts major (painting/drawing/photography) and also earned a teaching credential in Art.

Breeds of dogs owned:  Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Border Collies, Australian Shepherd, Mixed breeds

Favorite dog activities:  Barbara states agility and clicker training tops her list, and she notes that she is very lucky to be with her dogs 24/7.

Website:  Stars and Stripes Agility, www.starsandstripesagility.com, and a new website is in the works!


Name:  Lynn Pirko

Intro & Photo:  Lynn and her husband own two Vizslas, Gracie and Meg.  Lynn is their dog mom.  She is often seen at dog and agility shows and practices with a video camera in her hand filming her husband’s runs with Gracie.  Lynn is always willing to lend a hand to a fellow dog handler as well when someone needs a run recorded.  She says that Halloween is the best and each year she joins her sister and her Sharpei, who’s the one in costume, for a walk down swanky Las Olas Blvd.

Breeds of dogs owned:  Vizsla

Favorite dog activities:  Lynn’s girls are multi-talented and participate in agility, obedience, and hunting.


Name:  Lindsey Smith

Intro:  Lindsey runs Fox Terrier rescue for the state of Florida.  She’s the president of Everglades Terrier Club, a TDI and CGC evaluator, and the 2006 recipient of the Animal Kindness Award for Palm Beach County.

Breeds of dogs owned:  Lindsey has owned Old English Sheep Dogs, a springer and now a wire fox terrier named Buttons, who is 13 years young.

Favorite dog activities:  Lindsey and her boy Beau earned three titles in agility and his Jr. title in Earth Dog.  Sadly, she lost Beau to cancer.  Buttons is a therapy dog and has over 350 hours of service.  Making therapy visits is Lindsey’s top-of-the-list favorite dog activity.

Website:  LSPhotoSmith, www.lsphotosmith.com


Name:  Kristine Tonks

Intro – Kristine likes to eat cheese, read pretentious novels, and post photos of her dog on the Internet.  She says, “On the cusp of turning thirty, I have finally discovered my passion for all things dog.  It’s just too bad I wasted so much money earning that history degree.”

Breeds of dogs owned:  Kristine has a lovely mixed breed named Shiva whose lineage keeps everybody guessing.  Kristine says, “The shelter told us they thought she was part Australian Cattle Dog.”  One of Kristine’s blog posts, Magical Mystery Mutt Tour,  had everybody offering an opinion on the genetic stuff Shiva is made of.   When Shiva’s DNA results were posted, When DNA Explains Nothing, there was more laughter than consensus.  The opinions continue.

Favorite dog activities:  Kristine enjoys dog agility, flyball, and K9 Nosework with Shiva.  She says, “I’d love to add Dock Dogs to this list, if only mine would get over her fear of open water!”

Website:  Rescued Insanity, www.rescuedinsanity.com


By entering this contest, you give Halloween-dogs.com the right to publish your photo.  You agree that you own the rights to or received the rights to enter your photo as a contest submission.

In the case that any of the judges is unable to complete his/her assignment, judging will be completed by the remaining judges.

*Puppy Peaks is a year-long course, which has two months worth of lessons posted as of September.  When the winner of this contest logs onto Puppy Peaks, however, s/he will have access to all the lessons posted from the beginning of the course until the course ends.