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The Halloween Dogs of 2011

Thank you everyone for submitting photos and participating this year!

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N !

See you next year!

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And The Winner Is…

Contestant #024 – Kelvinator!


Out of nine judges, eight placed Contestant #24.

I want to thank everyone of the contestants who entered their photograph in the Halloween Dogs 2011 contest. It was apparent that so many of you took time to plan and execute your shots. The judges had a very hard time making their choices because there were so many good photographs.

Thank you to each of the judges.  You did an excellent job. The judges did not have contact with each other, yet the results of their judging provided a unified opinion.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Renaissance Horse

Contestant #046


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The Heelers From Hell

Contestant #045

Smokey, Beebee and Matty


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Zombie Dog

Contestant #044



There`s a zombie as red as a zombie can be.
Who is sitting outside and is waiting for me.
When he knocked on my door and said softly,
“Come play!”
I answered,”No thank you, now please,go away!”
But the zombie as red as a zombie can be.
Is still sitting outside and is waiting for me.
Trick or treat, trick or treat,
give us something good to eat.
Give us candy, give us cake,
give us something sweet to take.
Give us cookies, fruit and gum,
hurry up and give us some.
You had better do it quick
or we`ll surely play a trick.
Trick or treat, trick or treat,
give us something good to eat.

~Author Unknown

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Pumpkin Balancing Sweetie

Contestant #043



We bought a fat orange pumpkin,
The plumpest sort they sell.
We neatly scooped the inside out
and only left the shell.
We carved a funny funny-face
of silly shape and size,
A pointy nose,
a jagged mouth and two enormous eyes.
We set it in a window
and we put a candle in,
Then lit it up
for all to see Our jack-o-lantern grin.


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Lady in Red

Contestant #057

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Pumpkin Pup

Contestant #042



Just take a golden pumpkin
Of quite the largest size,
Cut all ’round the stem, just so,
Scrape out the inside below,
And cut two holes for eyes.
And now fix a nose beneath,
And such a great big mouth with teeth,
And you’ve a jack-o’-lantern!
Then fix a tallow candle,
Just big enough to light,
And when it flickers, see him blink,
And when it flares up, see him wink
And smile so broad and bright.
This is the jolliest sort of a fellow,
With cheery face so round and yellow,
This funny jack-o’-lantern.


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Super Chi!

Contestant #056


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The Harvest Inspector

Contestant #041



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Ready for Trick and Treating

Contestant #055


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Contestant #040

Maverick and Ryder


Hey-how for Hallowe’en!
A’ the witches tae be seen,
Some are black, an’ some green,
Hey-how for Hallwe’en.

Scottish Traditional

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Contestant #054


Read all about it!  Flapper info

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The Dog In Squirrel’s Clothing

Contestant #039



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Prestigious Peacock

Contestant #053


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