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Thanks for your votes!

Thanks for your votes!
We appreciate all your clicks for Dudley.

Dudley And Annie

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Aloha Dudley

Aloha from Aloha Dudley!

Aloha from Halloween Dudley

It’s hard to look like a tough guy when you’re
wearing a tutu around your neck.

Gangsta Halloween Dudley

What?  I’m not gonna win the cutest dog contest?
How about those 300 votes?
Can we get those 300 votes by midnight?

Halloween Dudley Pleading

Dear God, I’m so cute!
I know I should have won, but howzabout
pushing that vote button another 50 times for
me soz I can get 300?  Huh?  Please?

Halloween Dudley Praying

Pretty Please?

Pretty Please Halloween Dudley

Please click to vote for Dudley.
Today’s the last day.
Thank you!

Vote For Dudley! Love yas BabyVote for Dudley!
Love yas!
The DoberDiva

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Raven’s Flappers

What do you want to be for Hallaween, Raven?

I don’t know yet.  I’m thinking.

Raven Thinking

She’s thinking?
We didn’t know she could do that.

Leissl Ginger - "SHE's thinking?"

While she’s thinking, Cuz Ball Breath,
how about asking our friends to vote for me?

Vote for Dudley!

Vote for him!

Please Vote For Dudley!

That was so profound.
I need to rest now.

Dudley snoozing

I know!
I’ll be an Airplane!

Raven as an airplane

Please click here to vote for Dudley!
Thank you.

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The Great Green Pumpkin Ignored

Look! It’s the Great Green Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

The Green Pumpkin

Who’s Charlie Brown?  Let’s talk about me, Dudley!

Fine.  Here’s a picture of you, Dudley.

Hey Sausage Snout!  They can barely see me!

Dudley, er...Luigi and Dudley

Luigi!  What are you doing?

You forgot to put me and my collar on the catwalk!

Oh.  Sorry.
Luigi’s wearing a Boo Collar
from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

Handsome Luigi's Collar

See what you almost missed!
It’s the best one, too!

Just vote for me, please!

I've been really should vote for me.  I'm cute!

Dudley The Cutest!
Thank you.

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Bath Time!

Just before some crisp Halloween-type weather
arrived at Fort Doberdale,
the Aussies got a spa day.

Please remember to vote for Dudley today.

Dudley is thinking about how many votes he'll get.

Thank you!

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My tail is my best friend!

Lilian and her Tail

Someone took my tail,
so if you vote for me, Little Dudley, maybe I can get a new one!

Dudley No Tail

It’s like my mom always says,
“Every dog should have a tail.”
Thank you!

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Bunny vs The Bandana

“OK, stay right there while I take your picture.”
Stay still for the picture

“Isn’t there a law against this?”

Not likely.

“If you don’t sit still then who is going to know
what you’re dressing up as in the picture?”

“Easy!  I’ll just be my beautiful self.
So take this bib off me.”

Beautiful Bunny

“It’s not a bib.  It’s a bandana,
and you look lovely with it on.”

“I look even lovlier with it off.”
Hmmm…she’s not listening.
A demonstration seems to be in order.

“What bandana?”

Slinky Bunny

Moral of the story…
You can’t outsmart an Australian Shepherd.

Pssst….remember me?  How cute I am?
Please cast a vote for me today as “Dudley, the Cutest“!
Please vote for me today.  I'm Dudley and I'm the cutest!

Thank you.

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What canary?

What do birds give out on Halloween night?

Raven CatTweets! for me, Dudley!

Please take a moment to vote for Dudley today.

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Little Pumpkin Annie


Find out what little Pumpkin Annie’s doing.  Click on her picture.  You may like the site you land on, so take a look around, but dont forget to vote for Dudley today!

Click my picture to vote for me!  Thanks!

Thank you.

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Oral Hygiene

Why do vampires need mouthwash?

Batty Ginger

Batty Ollie

Because they have bat breath.


Please remember to vote for Dudley today!  Thank you.

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Will Write for Votes

Scary Dudley

Here’s my first ever dark-side type of writing just for Halloween and Dudley’s voting cause.

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest is a partly fictional, light-hearted Halloween story of a Ouija board incident.   Remember, I’m no Stephen King, but I am a dog mama who wants to see her baby get votes!

So please take a minute to vote for Dudley today!


Thank you!

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Going Batty

What are you doing?

“Holding this cover over the hole in the ceiling so the bats don’t fly in.”

Do you hear the theme from Psycho, Jude?

I hear the Twilight Zone theme song playing now, do you?

Bats?  Yes, I do hear a theme song, but it's the one from the Twilight Zone.

I’m too cute to hear music like that.
I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!
I am such a cutie pie!

I'm tooooo cute!

“Stay out, you bats!”

No bats are getting in here!


Terri's Lilly, Rosie, & Sadie - the batsBats in the belfry?

Visit our other batty friends here!


Please Vote for “Dudley The Cutest” Today!
DudleyThank you!

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Dancing Dudley Needs Votes

Please help with a click a day.

Please ask your friends and family to click for Dudley, too.


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Before The Butterfly

Ollie Looking
Did you see him?

Dudley "Ears look like this!"

Yeah!  His ears look like this!

We're keeping an eye on it, Jude and Dudley

We’re watching him closely.
He appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial.

Terri's Taco As A Catepillar

“The only extra I am is extra cute.*
I am Taco the Caterpillar!
Now gimme treats!”

Click here to visit friends of Taco’s.

*(Please note that while Taco is cute, he cannot be as cute as Dudley,
who is a contender in the Cutest Dog Competition.
remember to vote daily for Dudley as The Cutest Dog.)Dudley (We are running out of time.  Just three little weeks left,
so please help us with a daily vote.)

Thank you!

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He Ain’t No Angel, But He’s The Cutest!

Fort Doberdale Pumpkin 2009I got the Fort Doberdale pumpkin today!

I set it next to the Dober Diva and ran into the back room for the camera.  That’s where I usually get distracted and that is what happened today.  I had to check something on-line which took me away for 10 minutes or so.  That was a big mistake. You see, I know all my dogs completely (mostly), but one.

Dudley wasn’t here last October.  He was still on his other journey, so I don’t know what he’s like during all holidays yet.  Well, let me tell you.  He ain’t no angel.

Devil Dudley Licking His ChopsDudley laying into the pumpkin.  Yum!This is what I found!

That boy ate a big ol’ hole in the Fort Doberdale pumpkin!

Are you kidding?


BabyHomemade Pumpkin SeedsAnd the DoberDiva was quite upset that she had to take her picture next to a maimed pumpkin.

But we pan fried the pumpkin seeds, after cleaning out the pumpkin.  Yum!

Maybe we w...

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